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What is 'Cranberry Lane'?

Growing up, my mom worked hard to provide for our family. She usually worked more than one job while also going to college to get her degree. One of her jobs was selling stamps. I was involved in demonstrating and selling stamp sets with my mom, getting a front row seat to a strong woman-led business. She called her business 'Cranberry Lane'. To this day, 'Cranberry Lane' to me means empowering women to lead and provide. When you are choosing Cranberry Lane, you are choosing to support strong creative women.


My name is Elizabeth Noyce

I am the owner and lead floral designer. For years I have been helping brides craft their perfect wedding through beautiful, unique, custom floral designs. Share your vision with me, and I'll create show-stopping designs that will breathe life, color, and texture to your event.

I began my floral career 13 years ago by creating flower arrangements for my own wedding. Now, I've been able to contribute to so many wonderful weddings and I am always looking forward to the next!

I love everything design and spend my free time studying different styles, admiring beautiful designs, and studying current floral artists. I will put everything I know to work for you to make something completely unique and made just for you.



My name is Kierston Reams

I am the Assistant Designer. I have always loved to craft and create. I've put together many events and enjoy pulling designs together that feel cohesive and add a unique flair. Although flowers are a new medium for me, I'm thrilled to be learning and helping Elizabeth put together each event. I'm organized, creative and resourceful. I will work hard to make sure your event is the best we've done yet!

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